E-scooter sharing with contactless charging

emoby E-Scooter "GEO"

inductive. robust. connected.
smart micromobility

With the emoby electric scooter "GEO" an important component of micromobility is ensured. E-scooter sharing has increased great popularity worldwide for the several past years. However, many e-scooter providers have already withdrawn due to high maintenance intensity and fragile hardware. emoby scores with a consistent system for urban mobility.

Station-floating or free floating

emoby e-scooters promote individual mobility in all variations. The electric IoT scooters can be operated with a fixed station, commute between stations, park in virtual stations using geo-fencing or be operated completely free floating. Every single e-scooter communicates with the cloud and every station is directly connected to the cloud. Thus, emoby guarantees the highest security standards and at the same time the highest service availability in the sharing market.

free floating
The e-scooters can be unlocked and returned by users in a defined area anywhere and / or at virtual stations.
  • highest flexibility for users

  • all e-scooters can be located at any time

  • cheapest option to buy

station floating
The e-scooters can only be borrowed and returned by users at docking stations.
  • lowest service costs

  • e-scooters are automatically secured in the docking stations

  • e-scooters are always fully charged

  • clean cityscape thanks to docking stations

  • low risk for operators

  • no time-consuming replacement of batteries


The emoby WIRELESS CHARGING system is unique and patented worldwide. In contrast to other e-scooter sharings, contactless charging means that there is NO corrosion, which is a revolution, especially when using e-scooters. Since the complete e-scooter sharing system is designed without vulnerable contact surfaces, emoby is worlds ahead of other e-scooter sharing in terms of longevity and sustainability and there are unique advantages:

  • Save labour costs because the e-scooter is secured and locked automatically by the user

  • E-scooters are ready to drive at any time because batteries are charged as soon as the e-scooters are pushed into the station

  • Corrosion of plugs is a thing of the past because power transmission is contactless and free of plug connections

  • The e-scooter's sensors provide information on the condition, accidents and damage for the greatest possible operational safety

  • 24/7 operation possible

  • Disc brakes for the best safety

  • 10" tires

  • Road-compliant according to KfzVO and StVO

  • robust, integrated display

  • 3 speeds: 6, 20 or 25 km / h

  • all components water-protected IP65

  • Range approx. 60 km

  • 250 W rear motor for ultimate fun

In combination with the emoby APP

emoby offers a turnkey complete system for smooth e-scooter rental including app, backend and dashboard for hotels, tourist regions and communities.

City hotels

attractive offer for guests without additional effort

Tourist regions

Rent e-scooters anywhere in the region and return them everywhere


Reduce inner-city traffic through attractive e-scooter sharing


Employees can use e-scooters for business trips and also privately

Customizable to your
business model

The emoby team with over 50 employees works extremely flexibly and according to your wishes. emoby offers a ready-made solution that can be implemented immediately or you can also drive into the future with a white label solution with your own brand.


emoby offers cost-effective white label solutions


Our emoby software department can realize every wish for you

numerous API's

emoby offers numerous already integrated interfaces

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