E-bike sharing 4.0
emoby ONE
The patented system for inductive charging opens up new possibilities in e-bike and e-scooter sharing. The highest level of automation enables the lowest running costs.
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emoby ONE

emoby ONE comes as a turnkey complete solution to implement e-bike rental systems with 5 to 50,000 bicycles in municipalities or companies. Hardware, software and service - everything from a single source . That brings very clear benefits:

  • short preparation time

  • easy installation

  • no infrastructure work necessary

  • can be expanded as required to emoby +

  • 24/7 operation

  • safe operation through a coordinated system

  • low-priced bike sharing (TCO)

  • 4 different e-bike models

Die Revolution des E-Bike-Sharing


revolutionary technology


infinitely expandable


amazing user experience


highest standards

The unique emoby WIRELESS CHARGING system

The emoby WIRELESS CHARGING system is unique and patented worldwide. In contrast to other e-bike shares, contactless charging means that there is NO corrosion, which is of enormous importance, especially when using e-MTBs. Since the complete e-bike sharing system is designed without vulnerable contact surfaces, emoby is worlds ahead of other e-bike sharing in terms of durability and sustainability, and there are unique advantages:

  • save labour costs because the e-bikes are secured and locked automatically by the user

  • e-bikes are ready to drive at any time because batteries are charged as soon as the e-bikes are pushed into the station

  • corrosion of plugs is a thing of the past because power transmission is contactless and free of plug connections

  • the e-bike's sensors provide information on the condition, accidents and damage for maximum operational safety

  • 24/7 operation possible regardless of shop opening times


The system enables all imaginable sharing variants: station floating, free floating or mixed. Every e-bike or e-scooter is inductively charged and secured in the dockings. This enables a high level of protection against vandalism.

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