Free floating e-bike sharing
emoby FREE
Smart e-bikes or e-scooters with exchangeable batteries enable extensive bike sharing, even in hilly or alpine terrain.
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emoby FREE

emoby FREE is free-floating, where e-bikes and / or e-scooters can be operated in a certain business area. emoby ensures individual mobility in small communities up to large cities with 5 to 50,000 electric vehicles in the field of micromobility. Hardware, software and optionally also service guarantee a smooth process:

  • worry-free mobility for employees, guests or customers

  • low-price and ecological mobility

  • e-bikes and e-scooters can be rented and returned in defined areas or zones

  • no infrastructure work necessary

  • expandable and combinable with emoby ONE, emoby TWO, emoby TOUR and emoby +

  • choose from 3 e-bike models and 1 e-scooter

The revolution in e-bike-sharing


revolutionary technology


infinitely expandable


amazing user experience


highest standards

The system enables all imaginable sharing variants: station floating, free floating or mixed. Every e-bike or e-scooter is inductively charged and secured in the dockings. This enables a high level of protection against vandalism.

Be mobile with emoby

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